What Is A "Post Church" Christian

Posted by Seth on November 8, 2017

Post Church is a term we have found that best describes a growing number of like-minded Millennials that are leaving the church. We would describe a Post Church Christian as someone that loves Jesus but they don't attend church. Now, before you say that they can't possibly love Jesus but not the church, we are talking about the American institution that is the church, not the vision for Church that the Bible describes.

"We would describe a Post Church Christian as someone that loves Jesus but they don't attend church."

People that we call "Post Church" would say that they don't find any real benefit from attending a church regularly. They don't feel like the church is addressing or answering real issues that they as the church are actually dealing with. They also don't connect with other believers during the 3-minute pre-sermon meet and greet. Then once you add the fact that many of this same group listen to sermons online, during a commute or workout, you will find that they feel going to church is a waste of time.

We honestly think this growing trend is actually a good thing for the church. No longer are people just going out of duty. They are not going and saying that they can connect with God in other places. We think that this presents a real opportunity for the church to engage with this group by thinking about church in a different way.

Instead of continuing on the same course, the church as a structure can start to change into something better. Something more authentic, something that connects people with people. When people leave the church because it's irrelevant, don't take that as an attack on the Bible or Jesus. Look at this as an opportunity to change, grow and learn. Once we start to break church out of the 500-year-old box it's been in we will see change. We will see people that love Jesus come back into the community, and we will see those communities grow in depth together, and in turn, make genuine change in our world.

Resource: Meet Those Who “Love Jesus but Not the Church” by the Barna Group

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