About Post Church Co.

Post Church Co. was started because we have seen since graduating high school a serious drop in church attendance from our generation. It can be next to impossible to find people our own age that go to any church, let alone ours. Time and time again people we grew up with in youth group get older and fall out of connection with the church. Then, we sit in church on Sunday and we are taught how to witness to an "unbeliever" we meet on the streets (all "unbelievers" live on the streets by the way), but we feel that the conversation isn't ever geared toward helping us invest in the lives of those that are living a post-church life. A life where they know about the church, they know about the Bible and many of them even know Jesus.

We started this blog as a place to share what have learned through our lives of investing in high-school aged youth and college students because we truly believe that in order to slow the growing post-church crowd, we need to invest in people and meet them where they are, not in church.

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