Meet Seth

Seth Richardson is web designer by trade. Having spent 4 years of study in design and another 5 years practicing design, he has a unique ability to both design with creativity and craft excellent websites. (hope you like this one)

But more important that, Seth has been actively serving in leadership roles in the church for over 10 years. He has served as a leader in every age group, in nearly every setting imaginable. From working on staff at multiple camps with various age groups, as well as leading youth ministry.

Over these years though God has been opening doors for new opportunities and now he and his wife serve as volunteer leaders at their local state college. This ministry has been a driving factor in starting the Post Church blog because he has learned so much more about what the millennials, the post-church world.

If you want to connect with Seth, follow him on Twitter. Also, you can learn more about his passion for design here.