Meet Austin

My name is Austin Moxley and I currently am the youth pastor at Venture church in Lizton IN. I have huge heart to impact the youth in my community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. I want to see teens come to know and experience a true genuine relationship with Christ that satisfies.

As teens have graduated high school I've seen that the chances of them returning to a church home after college is slim to none. We as a whole need to do a better job of being intentional about investing in these young adults life even though they are not on our attendance role. I want to raise awareness and help pastors, youth leaders, and the church as a whole to continue a relationship with these teens. In the stage of life after graduation of high school is usually the first time that they are on their own and making true decisions for themselves. In this moment they need someone to continue to pour into them and give them truth and accountibility. I hope this curriculum helps you see the need and heart for post graduates who desperately need someone still caring and pouring into them.

Time to take action!