Church Isn't Cool

Posted by Seth on October 26, 2017

I know, for many this will be a tough one to hear, but the truth is like that sometimes. Also, those most offended are probably wearing one of those really terrible "Christian t-shirts" that rip off some major candy or motorcycle company logo, while listening to a brand new worship song that sounds like it came out in 2002. Regardless of what kind of shirt you are wearing, or music you listen too, I want to tell you some really good news. The church was never meant to be cool.

"I want to tell you some really good news. The church was never meant to be cool."

The church wasn't designed to be some flashy, modern place with hip music and cool slideshows all created to help us experience God. No, when God created the idea of church, He created it with a few pretty specific goals. One of those goals is something our post-church world needs more than ever before, authentic community.

When we stop answering the question of "what will get Millenials in church" with better slideshows, bumper videos, fog machines, light shows and opening with a "secular" song we will finally start to see one of the core things we should be investing in, people. Millenials already say that they value authentic relationships, not flashy Sunday mornings, it can come off feeling fake rather than cool. But the good thing is that we already have all we need to build these relationships and create an environment that is focused on each other, not the Sunday experience.

And I'll also include that it's fine to put effort into things like well designed visual's for the church (I'm a designer so I know this is a thing to strive for). But in the end, these things just fall on deaf ears to a group that already feels like the church doesn't have a place for them, and doesn't care for them.

The whole goal of this post really isn't to bash what your clothing choice is, or even a lack of musical taste. It's true to point out that the Millenial generation is just the start. The start of many generations that just don't think the church is cool. You're not going to change that by opening with a secular song, you're going to change that by investing in them as people.

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